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What is your return policy?

May I return my DVD if it doesn't work?

Because our DVDs are not traditional travel videos, we ask that before ordering your first DVD from us, you read the complete description and watch the online video clip from that DVD. If after reading about and watching the online video, you're not completely sure our Virtual Experience DVDs are what you're looking for, why not order just one DVD to see how you like our product? You can always order more DVDs later (and over 60% of our customers do come back to order more DVDs!) Please do not order multiple DVDs as your first order unless you are certain that you understand what to expect from our DVDs.

Please understand that our DVDs are not traditional travel videos. They are Virtual Experience DVDs which attempt to give the viewer a "like being there" experience. They have no narrator, just the natural sounds you'd hear if you were walking in that location. A few of the early DVDs also have an upbeat music track suitable for walking. Exception: The new River Cruise DVD Series only have Stereo music tracks.

We have attempted to thoroughly and accurately describe each one of our DVDs on its own separate webpage with an average of 700 words of text description and 30+ still captures from the DVD itself. We also have video clips of each of our DVDs to view online before ordering. In addition, details of each DVD, including the speed in miles per hour in which it was filmed is listed.

Our DVDs are filmed with professional state-of-the-art High Definition Television cameras (US Standard - NTSC), edited on state-of-the-art editing systems, and duplicated on professional equipment to the highest standards. Our DVDs are in Standard Definition (most are in widescreen) and encoded for Regions 1, 2, and 4.

RETURN POLICY: If you order one DVD and you find that it is not everything we've promised, we will be happy to accept the return of One DVD and refund your payment in full. Sorry but we can not accept more than one returned DVD from a customer.

DEFECTIVE DVDS: We will replace any DVD that is defective. We do use automated testing and verification of every DVD before it is shipped so our replacement rate is extremely, extremely low. You can be assured that your DVD will play in your DVD player.

However, if the DVD you receive will not play properly, please try it first in another DVD player or computer. If it still doesn't play, please contact us, and we'll send you a replacement.

Click Here to contact us.

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Why Don't You Accept Credit Cards?

It would make it easier to order from you.

You've probably read about big websites like Yahoo, Adobe, JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot, and Target who have all been recently hacked and, in some cases, had customers' credit card information stolen. We're a small company with none of the security resources that the big companies can afford. Therefore, we have made the decision to not accept credit cards from our customers, primarily to guard against YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION BEING STOLEN. We take what information you share with us very seriously and NEVER sell or share your email address or other information with others. Paypal, with its enormous resources, seems a much safer way for you to pay us for your DVDs and Downloads.

Is Paypal Safe?

I've heard some negative comments about Paypal.

Today, Paypal is one of the safest and most secure ways to send a payment over the Internet. We've sold thousands of our DVDs to customers here in the US and all over the world and we've never had a customer report a problem to us with Paypal. In addition to producing and selling our Virtual Experience DVDs, our company also films and sells High Definition Stock Footage which we sell to TV networks and production houses all over the world and we frequently use Paypal to receive large payments for our stock footage. We would never use it unless we considered it to be completely safe.

How Fast Do You Ship?

Will it take you several days to process my order?

Short Answer: Almost Instantly!

We usually ship your order within one to three hours of receiving your payment. Normally we make a delivery to the Post Office arounc 3:00 PM daily. Usually, if we receive your payment by 2:00 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM on Saturday, your order will be in the mail that same day.

And we always ship one, two or three DVDs via FIRST CLASS MAIL. Four or more DVDs are always shipped via PRIORITY MAIL. (International orders are always shipped via First Class International Mail.)

We always notify you by email that we have received your order and when it will be shipped. IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the email address you registered with Paypal is your current email address, AND please verify that the shipping address listed with Paypal is still your correct one.

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Can I View Samples Online?

Just how do your DVDs differ from ordinary travel videos?

Yes, all of our DVDs have video clips which may be viewed online. Click here to view the clips.

Remember, these DVDs were filmed with professional TV cameras and are unique - the TV camera is constantly moving the viewer forward, over steps, around corners, past other people. You actually do "feel" as if you are walking in the locale of the DVD.

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How Fast Are The Walks?

Are they fast-paced or slow-paced?

Most of our DVDs which are listed as "Virtual Walks" were recorded at 2.5 to 3 miles per hour. "Rome - la Dolce Vita!" is probably our slowest walk, recorded at a speed of about 2.3 miles per hour. Of course, when walking on your treadmill you don't have to match the recorded speed exactly - you may walk slightly faster or slower than the walk was recorded without any problems.

Because many of our customers asked for faster paced walks, we have a new series of DVDs called, "Virtual Jogs" which are recorded at approximately 10 to 12 miles per hour. Our "Maine's Mt. Desert Island" DVD is the first in a series of Virtual Jogs. More are planned

In addition, we also have a new series of "Virtual Bike Ride" DVDs for use on upright bikes. "The Hollywood Hills" DVD is the first in a series of Virtual Bike Rides, and the speed varies from approximately 10 to 20 miles per hour. More are planned.

NOTE: Both of these DVDs - the Maine and the Hollywood Hills -can be effective for those people who like to run on their treadmills.

We should state, of course, that before beginning any new exercise regime, you should consult with your physician.

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Which Have Natural Sound?

Do all of your DVDs have the Natural Sounds soundtrack?

In order to give the viewer the complete "Virtual Experience," all of our DVDs have a Natural Sounds soundtrack that was recorded on site in the country visited. This is a Stereo (many are in Dolby Stereo) soundtrack with all the natural sounds you would hear if you were actually walking in that locale. Depending on the location, you'll hear birds, ocean waves, wind, dogs barking, rushing water in streams, traffic noise, and people speaking in their native tongues as you pass them.

Some of our earlier DVDs, in addition to a natural sounds soundtrack, also have a music track with upbeat music suitable for walking on your treadmill. Several years ago, we surveyed our customers and found that they preferred the Natural Sounds soundtrack, so our most recently filmed DVDs now only feature a Natural Sounds soundtrack.

Our new River Cruise Series DVDs only have a music track.

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I Don't Have a Treadmill...

Can I use this DVD without Exercise Equipment?

Yes, although these Virtual Walk and Bike Ride DVDs were primarily designed for people to use while exercising, other customers have purchased our DVDs to either re-live past trips or as a way to introduce themselves to a locale of a future visit. These customers tell us that our Virtual Experience DVDs give them a perspective that traditional travel DVDs could never create.

In particular, our Cotswold Village Virtual Walk DVDs, Parts 1 and 2, are possibly the only DVDs available which give a detailed view of 9 beautiful Cotswold Villages.

And each one of our Virtual Experience DVDs also contains a "Bonus Chapter," running from 4 to 15 minutes in length, which is more closely aligned with a traditional travel video. Set to beautiful music, these "Bonus Chapters" focus on the area of the virtual walk in a more traditional way.

And our new River Cruise Series is specifically designed to be viewed without exercise equipment.

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Will your DVDs play on my European player?

Which format are they?

All of our DVDs are NTSC and not PAL format. Before ordering, please make sure that your DVD player is an International Format and will play American DVDs. They are encoded for Region 1, Region 2, and Region 4 only. We frequently sell to European and Australian customers and they have never told us that our DVDs would not play in their players.

PLEASE CONSIDER if one of our HD Downloads might work for you. The Download will be almost instantaneous (20 minutes) and there will be no Customs or Shipping Charges. And we even have a FREE SAMPLE DOWNLOAD for you to try out on our page.

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Why does it take so long for your DVDs to arrive in Europe or the UK?

How long does it take you to ship my DVDs?

Although we usually ship your DVD order the same day that we receive payment, it sometimes takes weeks for our DVDs to arrive in other countries. We've been told that the delay is usually due to Customs. DVDs are often given particular scrutiny by Customs officials.

PLEASE CONSIDER if one of our HD Downloads might work for you. The Download will be almost instantaneous (20 minutes) and there will be no Customs or Shipping Charges. And we even have a FREE SAMPLE DOWNLOAD for you to try out on our page.

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Where do you ship?

Do you ship worldwide?

Other than the USA and Canada, we only sell and ship our DVDs to Western European countries which includes, of course, the United Kingdom. We also ship to Australia.

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Why do you only accept Paypal for International orders?

Why can't I send a Money Order?

Our bank charges $18.00 to convert other currencies to US dollars - any amount - any currency. Paypal handles the currency conversion with no additional charges or commissions. Therefore, we cannot accept cash, checks, or money orders from International Customers. Sorry.

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Will These Work for People With Mobility Issues?

Yes! In fact, many of our customers who have mobility issues and are no longer able to travel have purchased our DVDs. These Virtual Experience Videos can be used to "relive" a memorable vacation or visit a new destination in a unique way.

One customer recently emailed us, "I love these walking tours! I am house bound now and unable to travel. With these DVD's I am now traveling around the world from my Treadmill. They are so good! I feel transported to these places. They are so wonderful! I have purchased many of their tours and I promise you will not be disappointed! Every one them is good. I am so grateful to the folks that made these DVD's. Thank you so much! Susan"


We strive to create a quality product that can be used and enjoyed by people of all ages and physical conditions.

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