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(All photos on this page are actual still frames from this video.)

VITA Digital Productions is proud to present its 36th Virtual Experience Video, the Dartmoor Bike Ride,
a 60 minute widescreen virtual ride through the scenic Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England.

Filmed at average speeds of 12 to 20 mph, it will make the time spent
exercising on your upright or recumbent indoor exercise bicycle "fly by."

Using either the DVD version or the 720p HD Download you could be instantly "cycling"
in one of the most visually interesting and scenic areas of the United Kingdom!

In this 60 minute Indoor Bike Scenery Video, you'll experience the stark beauty and expansive vistas
of the moors of Devon in western England.

Filmed in Widescreen with a professional High Definition* television camera, you'll experience
beautiful scenery and breathtaking views.

This is not a traditional travel video.
The television camera is constantly moving you forward, transporting you
through the incredible scenery of England's Dartmoor National Park.

You are "cycling" in Devon's incredible Dartmoor National Park
on a beautiful day in August! It's just like you're there!

The 60 minute Virtual Bike Ride is accompanied by the natural sounds (wind, birds, and sheep)
just as it was recorded in Dolby Stereo in the Dartmoor National Park.

Exercising has never been easier or more enjoyable!

And this one hour video is so rich in details
that you will notice something new every time you view it.

But you don't have to have an exercise bike
to enjoy this HD Download or DVD.

It also makes the perfect gift for people who want
to experience Devon's Dartmoor National Park in a totally unique way:
a way not possible with traditional travel videos.

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A Description of the Virtual Bike Ride on this Video

Your 60 minute Virtual Bike Ride begins in the Devon village of Moretonhampstead,
an often utilized staging area for serious cyclists.

The village is coming to life with shoppers on this late August morning.

After a few short minutes, you are cycling between the hedgerows so typical of rural Devon.

From time to time you pass other cyclists on this scenic route.

Our route passes the entrance to a stately English castle.....

then, further on, leads us between old rock walls laden with green plants and ferns.

Dartmoor National Park was utilized for part of Stage 7 of the 2012 Tour of Britain.

This section of our cycling route has twists and turns which.....

reveal scenic vistas in the distance.

Around almost every turn.....

there's some new delight to enjoy.

Eventually the Devon terrain changes to the typical Dartmoor landscape of
uncultivated hill land with low growing vegetation.

Wikipedia says, "Dartmoor is known for its myths and legends. It is reputedly the haunt of
pixies, a headless horseman, a mysterious pack of "spectral hounds", and a large black dog, among others."

Indigenous to Dartmoor, and well adapted to its pastures and moors, Whiteface Dartmoor sheep
are as much part of its landscape as are the tors, heath and hill ponies.

The pubs are few and far between so cyclists do make sure to refresh themselves whenever possible.

Sheep are not only permitted to roam free here in Dartmoor....

but have the right-of-way and.....

often lie in the roadway.

Crossing another stone bridge....

and continuing through ever changing terrain...

we reach the Two Bridges Hotel, an 18th century coaching inn.

In the far distance, you get your first glimpse of several tors....

hills topped with large outcrops of granite bedrock.

Much of Dartmoor National Park has been designated as 'Access Land', which, although it remains privately owned,
has no restrictions on where walkers can roam.

Your one-hour Dartmoor Cycling Scenery Video ends on a gravel side road.

And remember, this DVD makes a unique gift for family and friends!

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*While originally filmed in High Definition, the DVD you will receive
is in Standard Definition and 16x9 Widescreen. The Download version is in 720P HD.

This 60 minute virtual bike ride was filmed at average speeds of 12 to 20 mph and is accompanied
by the Natural Sounds (primarily wind, birds, and sheep) in Dolby Stereo as they were recorded on site in Devon.

The DVD you will receive is a "burned" DVD which was duplicated in our studio.

The DVD contains an interactive menu and will play on DVD players and computers.

The Download version will play on iPads, Computers, Laptops, and Netbooks using the
free Apple Quicktime Player. It will also play on Large Screen TVs using
certain devices such as WD Live Plus, X-Box, and others.
Important: The Download version will not play if you burn it to a DVD.

All of the above photos are actual still frames from this video.


We are VITA Digital Productions and we are selling this Video Program.
We filmed all of the video footage used in this program, we edited it,
we have licensed the rights to any music used in this production,
and we own the copyright to this program and will aggressively defend it.

The program contained in this DVD and Download is licensed for HOME USE ONLY.
If you intend to use this program in connection with a business of any kind,
you must contact us to obtain a license to do so.

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