One of VITA Digital Productions' unique Virtual Jog/Bike Ride Series

(All photos on this page are actual still frames from this DVD.)

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The sixth in our extensive series of Virtual Jog/Bike Ride DVDs has a 60 minute widescreen virtual bike ride
through the Argyll countryside, one of the most beautiful sections of western Scotland. Filmed at speeds of
10 to 15 mph, it's the perfect accessory for your treadmill, spinner, recumbent or upright bike.

Just place it in a DVD player, step onto your treadmill or exercise bike, and instantly
you will be traveling at 10 to 15 mph through beautiful scenic Argyll County in western Scotland.

Exercising indoors with our beautiful Jogging/Biking scenery DVDs
means never having to worry about aggressive dogs chasing you,
a sudden thunderstorm, or being struck by a careless driver.

Filmed in Widescreen with a High Definition* television camera, you'll experience (at 10 to 15 mph)
a springtime landscape featuring ancient rock walls, sheep and lambs, yellow gorse in full bloom,
and remnants of the oak forests of the 1600s.

This is not a traditional travel video. There is no narrator or music.
The television camera is constantly moving forward, transporting the viewer over narrow winding roads
through beautiful natural scenery in rural Argyll County, Scotland.

The viewer is "experiencing" the natural scenery of western Scotland on a beautiful spring day in May.

To bike or jog in springtime Scotland is an experience only a fortunate few may enjoy.

This 60 minute virtual bike ride or jog is accompanied by the natural sounds
just as they were recorded in digital Stereo in Argyll, Scotland.

Exercising has never been easier or more enjoyable!

Your time spent exercising on a treadmill will "FLY BY!"

And this one hour video is so rich in details
that you will notice something new every time you view it.

But you don't have to own a treadmill
to enjoy this HD Download or DVD.

It also makes the perfect gift for people who want
to experience Argyll, Scotland in a totally unique way:
a way not possible with traditional travel videos.

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A Description of the Jog/Bike Ride on this DVD

All photos on this page are actual still catures from this DVD.

The first section of your 60 minute virtual ride or jog begins in this peaceful scottish glen.

Soon you sight the first of the many grazing sheep to be discovered on this narrow winding road.

The one-lane road winds ahead through ever changing scenery as you proceed on your one hour adventure.

Lambs and their mothers scamper across the road in front of you.

And the narrow road continues to draw you forward through scenic terrain.

The pastoral scenery offers the jogger or cyclist a series of visual treats.

And from time to time, the camera pauses for a few moments to enjoy the scenery.

Next, the viewer enters a more wooded section of Argyll.

After passing over a narrow bridge, the road continues to curve ahead...

and the evergreen shrub gorse displays its vivid yellow flowers.

Passing a stone cottage, the terrain becomes more varied.

First a low stone wall adjoins the road: then later, a beautiful lake.

Rhododendron are in bloom and the ferns and grasses are lush.

The scenery, everchanging, continues to be interesting and beautiful.

This DVD is filled with lush scottish scenery.

Your 60 minute virtual tour ends at the shore of Loch Awe.

And remember, this DVD makes a unique gift for family and friends!

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The 60 minute virtual jog/bike ride was filmed at average speeds of 10 to 15 mph and is accompanied
by the Natural Sounds (mostly birds, wind, and sheep) in Dolby Stereo as they were recorded on site in Western Scotland.

It contains an interactive menu and will play on DVD players and computers.
It is NTSC format (American TV Standard) and is encoded for the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan only.

All of the above photos are actual still frames from this video/DVD.

*While originally filmed in High Definition, the DVD you will receive
is in Standard Definition and 16x9 Widescreen and was authored at the highest resolution possible.
The DVD was encoded for regions 1, 2, & 4, and is a "burned" DVD which was duplicated,
tested, and verified in our studio before being packaged and shipped to you.

The Download version is in 720P HD and will play on iPads, Computers, Laptops,
and Netbooks using almost any media player. It will also play on Large Screen TVs using
certain devices such as WD Live Plus, X-Box, Roku, flash drives, etc.
Important: Sorry, but the Download version will not play if you burn it directly to a DVD.


We are VITA Digital Productions and we are selling this Video Program.
We filmed all of the video footage used in this program, we edited it,
we have licensed the rights to any music used in this production,
and we own the copyright to this program and will aggressively defend it.

The program contained in this DVD and Download is licensed for HOME USE ONLY.
If you intend to use this program in connection with a business of any kind,
such as a gym, rehab facility, etc., you must contact us to obtain a business license
for a small additional fee.

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